Top 5 Gifts For Mothers Day

Let’s face it—mums are extraordinary and so often they are just taken for granted. Mothers Day—or Mothering Sunday here in the UK—is a time to remember and celebrate the most important women in your life. And there is no better way to make someone feel loved than to treat them with a gift that is as special as they are.

So what is the best gift for Mothers Day?

Best gift for Mothers Day

We think all of our products make fantastic gifts. Scented candles and wax melts are a great way to indulge your mum or your grandma (or gran, nanny, nanna!) with a little bit of luxury. And they don’t cost the earth—not only are our candles and melts affordable, they are planet-friendly and made with wholly natural soy wax and fragrances.

Let’s take a look at our recommendations for gifts you can buy for Mothers Day.

1. Rising Lotus Large Mothers Day Gift Box

Large scented candle gift box with soy wax melts and accessories

Top of our list is this beautifully presented collection which includes a 30cl scented candle, rose gold wick cutter, three 2oz deli pots, three cavity snap bars, one box of nine large heart-shaped melts and one box of eight unfragranced tea lights.

Like all our products, your candle is hand-poured by Ellie and can be made with the wick and fragrance of your choice. Choose either our high quality cotton wick or a wooden booster wick. Your candle can be scented with Lavender, Daisy, Black Opium or Sweet Orange.

For each of the remaining products in the Mothers Day Large Gift Box you can choose from thirteen of our evocative fragrances.

When you place your order, don’t forget to message us and tell us your choice of candle scent and wick, and which fragrances you would like.

We have this collection on special offer, making it really good value for Mothers Day. Click to order your Large Mothers Day Gift Box direct from our shop.

2 Rising Lotus Regular Mothers Day Gift Box

Rising Lotus scented candle gift box with natural frgrant soy wax melts

Next is another beautiful selection of scented melts. When she opens this Mothers Day Gift Box your mum will find nine of our large heart-shaped melts, three 2oz deli pots, three cavity snap bars and six large heart-shaped melts in a muslin bag.

You can choose any of our thirteen gorgeous fragrances for each of the included products. Just message us when you place your order to let us know which fragrances you would like.

This gift box is also on special offer for Mothers Day. Click to order your Mothers Day Gift Box direct from our shop.

3. Healing Rose Quartz Crystal Candle

Rose Quartz Crystal Candle from Rising Lotus Scented Candles, Hull, East Yorkshire

Our scented soy wax jar candle and crystal combinations are proving to be really popular with those seeking deeper spiritual meaning. Our Rose Quartz Crystal Candle would make a lovely gift to give your mum or gran on Mothers Day.

Like all our candles, this one is eco-friendly, natural, vegan and cruelty-free. Scented with Indian Rose & Musk, the candle is hand-poured in a 30cl frosted glass jar with a bamboo lid. It comes with a Rose Quartz gemstone and information card.

Rose quartz represents love and compassion—qualities that are deeply entwined in motherhood. This particular gemstone is strongly linked to the heart and throat chakra, offering healing properties and stronger bonds with family, love, abundance and joy.

Click to order your Rose Quartz Crystal Candle direct from our shop.

4. White Lotus Cut Out Oil Burner

White lotus cut-out ceramic oil burner for scented wax melts

This ceramic oil burner makes a great Mothers Day gift along with any of our wax melts. It has a lotus flower cut out design and wood-effect ceramic base.

This Mothers Day gift makes a pretty and practical ornament that will remind Mum that she is truly loved and appreciated. The burner has a built-in dish for fragrance oil or wax melts—and a standard tea light placed inside will fill the room and surround her with her favourite fragrance.

Click to order your Mothers Day Oil Burner.

5. Daisy Scented Soy Wax Candle

Daisy perfume scented jar candle

Any of our scented candles or wax melts make great Mothers Day gifts, but if you want to treat mum to a spot of sensual self-indulgence then this Daisy Scented Candle is an excellent choice. The candle is infused with a fresh summery fragrance. Its addictive, luxuriant floral scent is inspired by the perfume of the same name. And like all our products, it is planet- and pet-friendly—made with plant-based, cruelty-free ingredients.

That completes the rundown of our top five gifts for Mothers Day. Any of them would be the perfect way to tell your mum or grandma how special she is. We’d love to know what you decide, so drop us a line and let us know. And whatever it is you choose, we are sure your mum will love it!